Room Hire

Cranham Baptist Church is an important part of the community and so we are pleased to host community groups and family celebrations.

To encourage smaller groups get established we do not charge "per room" but instead define prices based on "per person per hour" with lower costs for set-up and set-down times; and charge for a caretaker/host to ensure you have everything you need. We also have discounted pricing levels depending on the type of event.

Please contact us by emailing with a few basic details of your event so that we can determine a more precise cost and availability.

Available Halls and Rooms

Main Hall and Side Hall : The main hall is a flexible space and can seat up to 100 people. Large sliding doors to the side (not shown in photo) extend the space to seat up to 140 people. The hall has a small raised platform at the front. The hall is equipped with a projector, screen and sound system.

Cranham Baptist Church - Main Hall

A popular option is to use the main hall as the focal point for your event and use the side hall to serve refreshments or for children to sit down and enjoy their party food.

There is easy access from the side hall to the main kitchen. The side hall can also be used on its own.

Back Hall, Garden Room and Garden : The back hall is a flexible space and can seat up to 50 people lecture style, 27 people in a large ring, or 24-30 people seated around large tables. Double-doors open onto a large, weather-proof garden room; which in turn provides access to a garden play area. The hall is well equipped with a leaders prep area; an integral sound system, projector and screen. There is a serving hatch providing access to the kitchen.

Cranham Baptist Church - Back Hall

Cranham Baptist Church - Back Hall

Cranham Baptist Church - Back Hall

In summer months it would be possible to set-up the garden room as a "bistro cafe", rolling up the sides of the garden room so that adults can sit and relax in the shade while the children play on the astro-turf grassy area.

Cranham Baptist Church - Garden

Coffee Lounge : At the front of the building is a comfortable coffee lounge. This is a general place for meeting people and socializing; and so is less available for hiring out to groups. However, some events have been hosted here if we can fit it in around other events.

Cranham Baptist Church - Coffee Lounge

Vestry / Meeting Room : The vestry is towards the rear of the premises and provides a small, quiet meeting place for up to six people. 

Cranham Baptist Church - Vestry


There is a modern, well equipped, kitchen. You are welcome to use everything so long as everything is left clean and tidy afterwards.

Cranham Baptist Church - Kitchen

Cranham Baptist Church - Kitchen

There are two sets of toilet facilities - one at the front of the premises, opposite the coffee lounge; and the other at the far end of the back hall. Both include facilities for wheelchair users.


Chairs: There are a total of 120 green chairs, 30 black plastic chairs and 24 infants school plastic chairs
Tables: There are 8 long rectangular tables; 8 medium height school tables; 4 adult height round tables; 4 infant height rectangular tables; 12 bistro-style-coffee tables; and several smaller tables.

General Terms and Conditions

The attached document describe an example of our terms and conditions. Specific adjustments are made to match the nature of the event as needed.

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