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Mission Statement

As a church, we believe we are called to serve as God’s people to bring glory to Him so that His Kingdom may increase.

We believe in the authority of Scripture and living out biblical values to help us live as God’s people here in Cranham.

Demonstrating our love for God and others, we strive to:

1. Worship God in all that we are, all that we say and all that we do.
  • Individually
  • Corporately

2. Grow in our love and understanding of God. 
  • Through personal and corporate Bible study
  • Through personal and corporate prayer

3. Deepen our relationships. 
  • Through spending time together.
  • Through Home Groups.
  • Through working together

4. Commit to attracting others to Jesus.
  • Through personal relationships
  • By allowing Jesus to be seen in and through us

5. Care for one another 
  • By receiving and giving love and encouragement.
  • By receiving and giving support. 

6. Serve the Church and the world. 
  • By giving our time and energy 
  • By offering our gifts and talents.
  • By making our voice heard

7. Witness to the Gospel of Jesus 
  • Through our actions 
  • Through our conversations
  • Through our attitude

8. Partner with other churches, missions and communities.
  • Through faithful prayer
  • Through regular giving
  • Through active participation